Translating Trump

Translating Trump"Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest –and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure,it's not your fault" 

How would you translate this if you knew it would be seen by millions? Will you keep to the same childish tone or make it slightly more presidential? Something as trivial as putting a space after the comma is already an alteration to the original text, and not every translator would agree that that's morally justified.

This is a daily problem that translators face today. Translating politicians wasn't a big problem until Trump showed up, since he is the first President to use this kind of language. His twitter rants, sometimes vulgar, insensitive and containing spelling errors, must be translated into hundreds of languages, however. Louisa Van Aeken discusses how translators solve this problem and the risks that are involved in doing so.

Louisa Van Aeken is studying French, Italian, Latin and History at Queenswood school just outside London. During her stay at The Language Sector in Ghent, she tackled this subject by creating the Trumpslation Quiz. She has since written an interesting article in which she provides an in-depth analysis on the matter. She provides arguments for "verbatim" (literal) translations and "oblique" (adapted) translations.

(Try the Quiz:


Intrigued by Trump's language? Come try the Trumpslation Quiz!

Trumpslation QuizYou are surrounded!

You are surrounded by language every day. So just how aware are you of the essential role played by language in your life? Are you really able to perceive the - sometimes beautiful, sometimes dangerous - effects language has on you?

Let's take Donald Trump's tweets for instance. Everybody will agree that he influences public opinion in several ways. This is through the images he uses, through his sometimes offensive language and, as some people would say, through his stupid messages – grammar and spelling mistakes included.

So, he influences public opinion. (Well, maybe not yours. Every rule needs an exception to prove it.)

Do you have direct access to Trump's tweets in your mother tongue? Or do they come to you in your second, third or fourth language?

Or in translation? Here’s some shocking news for you: Louisa spoke to French, Russian, Italian and Dutch translators about how to translate some of Trump's allegedly stupid and offensive tweets and guess what: they all agreed that Trump should be translated literally and that any stupid and offensive English tweets should be translated into stupid and offensive French, Russian, Italian and Dutch.

But what about bad English grammar and spelling errors? Should they be included? This question caused our translators to start to think about the consequences for their own reputation. How dumb, offensive and grammatically wrong can my translation be without risking my reputation as a translator? (No, tweets don't come with footnotes.)

And you can probably guess what these translators decided next.


Translanguaging in Multilingual Urban Settings (29 April 2016, Brussels)

Translanguaging a new hybrid language system?Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Universiteit Gent (Belgium) are organising a colloquium on translanguaging in multilingual urban settings. The term "translanguaging" refers to the practice of switching between and across a range of languages and language varieties, including dialects, global registers, and youth language.

The colloquium on translanguaging will take place on 29 April 2016 at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels.


New tools for evaluation and revision of translations

Translating Europe Workshop, 5 February 2016, BrusselsThe Catholic University of Leuven and Televic Education (Izegem) have developed two new tools that help automate key aspects of the translation field: a tool that automates the assessment of the translation quality and a tool that supports the revision work. EvaluationQ and RevisionQ - those are the names of the tools - will be presented on Friday 5 February 2016 during a Translating Europe workshop in Brussels.


Congress on vertaaldidactiek (Maastricht)

Congress on vertaaldidactiek, 21 & may 22, 2015, MaastrichtOn Thursday, 21 and friday, may 22, 2015 organises the Vertaalacademie Maastricht an international congress on the didactics of translation and interpretation, the ideal student (translation and interpretation), the ideal teacher and the ideal education curriculum. The congresthema reads: 'Translation and Meaning'.


Translating, a box with many facets (colloquium)

Translating, a box with many facetsOn saturday, november 22, 2014 in Mons (Mons) the biennial conference of the ANBF (Association des Néerlandistes de Belgique francophone et de France) place. This year the colloquium on the vertaalvak and its many facets.


`Vertaalstudenten had never been so weak`

Vertaalstudenten had never been so weak?There is clearly a wide gap between, on the one hand, the competencies that the translation market of a young graduates translator expected and, on the other hand, the competencies that the young translator has to offer. Agree or not agree, that was in any case the subject of debate on "Translating Europe", a forum where 'the European language reserve' at the invitation of the European Commission was present. What is going on?


7 Belgian Masters` in Translation achieve prestigious EMT quality label

EMT quality label for 7 Belgian translation coursesNo less than seven Belgian translation courses have been awarded the prestigious European quality label 'European Master's in Translation' (EMT).


Humor across the borders: the myth of onvertaalbaarheid

These students went with a LIA to houseBest student, do you think you're also a sin that nobody bachelorproef or masterscriptie read? Each year there are gems written on topics that also the active taalprofessionals interested. That, of course, have no time to read your entire essay, but they are interested to know what the taalprofessionals all examinations and study of tomorrow. The solution? A populariserend article which shows you the core of your essay reflects in a pleasant way. That kind of articles would like to publish the linguistic sector.

Make yourself heard and send your workpiece to

This is the article from Kelsey Ruys. She became with its article even on the shortlist for one of the four Juryprijzen at the LIA's (Language Industry Awards). With a superb article on the myth of the onvertaalbaarheid of humor lap they just no hoofdvogel. However, one thing is certain: the work of Kelsey Ruys is read!


Not in ivory tower Vertaalprofs

European vertaalprofs not in ivory tower95% Of the vertaaldocenten translates to a European vertaalopleiding intercede or controlled. 43% DESERVES there are bread. 58% Translates or intercede in business.


15 Portraits of 15 Belgian translators

Traductrices et traducteurs belges'Traductrices et traducteurs belges' is the title of a bundle of 15 portraits of Belgian translators. The 15 portraits of the basis of 21 portrettisten are bundled by Catherine Gravet in book form. Under the generally presented are Françoise Wuilmart, Marguerite Yourcenar, Maurice Carême, Jacques De Decker, Maeterlinck and Alain of Crugten.


Traduire pour le grand public (colloquium)

Traduire pour le grand publicOn saturday, december 7 is held in Brussels the third part of the colloquium 'Traduire pour le grand public', a colloquium on translation for the public at large. The first two parts found earlier this year in Geneva and Paris.


Paul Robberecht died

On friday, March 8 died Paul Robberecht, teacher English language applied to the faculty of the University College Ghent. He was 61 years and died unexpectedly.


The translator as tightrope between cultures

The translator as tightrope between culturesFrom Thursday 2 to saturday, may 4, 2013 organises the Haute Ecole de la Ville de Liege (HEL) a colloquium on the translator as mediator between cultures: Impliciter, expliciter - Le traducteur ( translator ' s practical comme équilibriste interculturel/Translators (Nats shaft cross-cultural go-betweens.


Ethics and ethics of translation and writing (colloquium, Antwerp)

Ethics and ethics of translation and writeThe department of Applied language of the Lessius Hogeschool (Antwerp) organises on Thursday 13 and friday, december 14 an international conference on ethics and ethics of translation and (technical) letter.


Isabelle Robert doctor in the vertaalwetenschap with thesis on revision

Isabelle Robert doctor in the vertaalwetenschap with thesis on revisionCommon sense says that a translation that you have checked with the source then it is better if you have the source text reads without it.
Not True, says Isabelle Robert. A translation a second time read is not significantly more efficient than the translation compare with the original text and the.

Isabelle Robert examined in her doctorate the efficiency of the four most commonly used proper overhaul procedures on the Belgian translation market: (1) the translation one time to read without the original text to look, except in the case of doubt (monolinguale procedure); (2) the translation directly compare with the original text (bilinguale procedure); (3) the translation directly compare with the original text and the translation again afterwards (bilinguale + monolinguale procedure); (4) the translation first read and then compare it with the original text (monolinguale + bilinguale procedure).


Corpora and contrastive treatment (far)language: mijlpaalconferentie in Gent

Corpora and contrastive treatment (far)language: mijlpaalconferentie in GentUniversity and College Ghent organise July 13, 2013 of 10 to an international conference on corpora and contrastive treatment (far)language. The conference is a dubbelconferentie; it is at the same time the seventh edition of the International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC) and the third edition of the conference Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (UCCTS). The purpose of this dubbelconferentie is experts from both complementary to bring together in research fields not yet covered and both theoretical and empirical level to create synergies. This conference marks the final inkanteling of the hogeschooldepartement Vertaalkunde in the university faculty Arts and philosophy.


Eugene Nida (96) passed away

Eugene Nida diedThe day before yesterday In a hospital In Brussels is the American Bijbelvertaler and vertaalkundige Eugene A. Nida died. He was 96 years and lived a few years in Belgium. Nida crowds not only its stamp on the Bijbelvertaalwerk worldwide, his views are also found to be significant for the secular vertaaltheorie.


Handbook or Translation Studies

Handbook or Translation StudiesJohn Benjamins (Amsterdam) is the first part of the 'Handbook or Translation Studies' appeared, under drafting of Yves Gambier and Luc of Doorslaer. This manual appears both in printed version as online. (Update 22/8: A review of this book is available via


Tracks and All trekkings and more in Translation Studies

From Thursday 23 to saturday, september 25 is in Leuven for the sixth time the congress of the European Society for Translation Studies. The title reads: 'Tracks and All trekkings and more in Translation Studies' and the keynotesprekers are Individual Traveler Of Waes started (University of Antwerp) and Miriam Shlesinger (University Bar-Ilan , Israel).


Traduire la diversité (colloquium in Luik)

Traduire la diversité (colloquium in Luik)What do you do as a literary translator with a polyphonic text that different source languages or different social or geographical brontaalvarianten combines?
How do you pick up as a legal translator a contract to that very formalistic completely differently than a normal contract in the doeltaalcultuur? How are you going to go to with translations between different legal systems?
How do you maintain as medical or scientific translator the latest developments in, and the terminology?

From Thursday 6 to saturday, May 8 is a colloquium held in Liege on diversity in the translation: 'Traduire la diversité (domaines littéraire, juridique et des sciences de la vie) '.


Evaluate Vertaalcompetentie (colloquium)

Evaluate Vertaalcompetentie

Friday, May 7 organizes the department for Applied language of the Lessius College in Antwerp a colloquium on the evaluation of vertaalcompetentie. On the program are two round tables. The first call is about the relationship between pedagogy and evaluation (exercise and keys). The second call is about the problem of the reliability and validity of the competentiegerichte evaluate.


CETRA Summer School Translation Studies

Of monday, August 17 to friday, August 28 organises the Leuven Center for Translation Studies (CETRA) again the Summer School for Translation Studies. It is already the 21ST edition.


Symposium on corpusgebaseerd vertaalonderzoek

On friday, January 8 and saturday, January 9 next year in Ghent held a symposium on the theme and title of 'Methodological Advances in Corpus-Based Translation Studies'. Since the vertaalwetenschap carry out research on corpora, are of such corpusgebaseerd research already many interesting insights in translated language, and in the translation process emerged. Nevertheless, there is still much derelict areas. In many languages is still little or no corpusgebaseerd research carried out and the methods and concepts which the vertaalwetenschap uses, are definitely still susceptible to refinement and innovation.


Challenges or Translation and Translation research (conference)

On wednesday, november 26 organizes the department for Applied language of the Lessius Hogeschool a congress with the title 'The Challenges or Translation and Translation research in International Organizations'.


New Vertaalgids Dutch French

With the publisher UGA Continuga ( Kortrijk-Heule ) is the 'New Vertaalgids Dutch French' published by Karinne Eyckmans and Winibert Segers. The New Vertaalgids Dutch French is an updating of the Vertaalgids of Willy Penninckx & Paul Buyse, of which the first edition appeared in the seventies.


Traduire : un métier d`avenir

The Brussels Institut Superieur the Traducteurs et Des Interprètes Des (ISTI) this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, inter alia with a colloquium on the future of the vertaalvak 'Colloque du Cinquantenaire de l'ISTI' on Tuesday 14 and wednesday, October 15.


The Conference or the Tongues (book)

The Conference or the TonguesAt the English publishing St. Jerome Publishing is the book 'The Conference or the Tongues' appeared, the basis of Theo Hermans.


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