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Date Event Place
27-31/8/2018 20e Colloquium Neerlandicum: Nederlands in beweging Leuven, BE
12-14/9/2018 Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (5th UCCTS conference Louvain-la-Neuve, BE
17-18/9/2018 Talking to the World 3 Newcastle, UK
20-22/9/2018 Legal and Institutional Translation Policies (LITP2018 conference) Leuven, BE
3-5/10/2018 Languages & The Media Berlin, DE
13-15/11/2018 tcworld conference / tekom Jahrestagung 2018 Stuttgart, DE
15-16/11/2018 Translating and the Computer 40 London, UK
29-30/11/2018 2nd Cologne Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Technical Documentation (CGN18) Köln, DE
Past events   Place
5-6/02/2015 Computer Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN) Antwerp, BE
5-7/02/2015 Expolangues Paris, FR
19-20/02/2015 Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalisation: Asylum and Migration (conferentie) Gent, BE
13/03/2015 Journée d'études de la B.V.L.F (Association des profs de FLE en Flandre et à Bruxelles) Gent, BE
20/03/2015 Language Industry Awards Gent, BE
27/03/2015 Sociolinguistics Circle Gent, BE
17/04/2015 TCeurope 2015 Brussels, BE
25/04/2015 Belta Day (conference of the Belgian English Language Teachers Association) Brussels, BE
27-29/04/2015 Riga Summit 2015: Multilingual Digital Single Market Riga, LV
7/05/2015 De Taalsector Adviesmiddag Gent, BE
21-22/05/2015 Maastricht Session of the 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning" Maastricht, NL
3-4/06/2015 Information Energy 2015 Utrecht, NL
8/06/2015 Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Belgium Brussels, BE
13-14/06/2015 conference 2015 Rotterdam, NL
25-26/06/2015 LT-Innovate Summit Brussels, BE
22-25/07/2015 WASLI Conference 2015 (World Association of Sign Language Interpreters) Istanbul, TR
26-31/07/2015 14th International Pragmatics Conference: Session: Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing Antwerpen, BE
26/07-01/08/2015 International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School Norwich, UK
02-14/08/2015 Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course Cambridge, UK
03-15/08/2015 German for Conference Interpreters (German as a C-Language) (aiic) Germersheim, DE
07-08/08/2015 #tobelta web conference on EFL assessment online
15-31/08/2015 Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015 Edinburgh, UK
17-21/08/2015 19e IVN Colloquium: Hyperdiverse neerlandistiek Leiden, NL
17-22/08/2015 Short courses for conference interpreters with English B (aiic) London, UK
19-21/08/2015 26th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics Aalborg, DK
03/09/2015 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
05/09/2015 5th AIIC Germany's "Interpreters-for-Interpreters" workshop Köln, DE
06-10/09/2015 Interspeech 2015. Speech beyond Speech: Towards a Better understanding of the Most Important Biosignal Dresden, DE
07-11/09/2015 ALTE Language Testing Courses: Managing Examinations for Language Testing Institutions Cambridge, UK
07-13/09/2015 Week van de geletterdheid Flanders, BE
10-11/9/2015 Multilingual Perspectives on Professional Discourse in Europe Gent, BE
10-12/09/2015 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition Conference (GALA 12) Nantes, FR
14-17/09/2015 4th Barcelona Summer School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism Barcelona, ES
16-18/09/2015 International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT 2015) Leuven, BE
18-19/09/2015 Lodz Session of the 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning" Lodz, PL
17-18/09/2015 CEL/ELC Conference "The Politics of Teaching and Learning Languages" London, UK
17-20/09/2015 10th International PLAIN Conference Dublin, IE
18/09/2015 memoQ for beginners (in Dutch) Gent, BE
24/09/2015 Minisymposium: De toekomst van Nederlandstalige software voor copyediting Antwerpen, BE
25-26/09/2015 Drongo Festival Utrecht, NL
26/09/2015 60th Anniversary of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters Brussels, BE
01/10/2015 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
05-07/10/2015 II Congreso Internacional RELEX: A terminoloxía, unha necesidade da sociedade actual Santiago de Compostela, ES
07-08/10/2015 Open Learning in Minority Languages: Chances and Perspectives Leeuwarden, NL
10-17/10/2015 Week van het Nederlands  
14-18/10/2015 Frankfurter Buchmesse Frankfurt, DE
14-15/10/2015 COE Intergovernmental Conference: Taking into account the language dimension in all subjects for equity and quality in education and for educational success Strasbourg, FR
16/10/2015 SDL Trados: "Getting Started Part 1: Translating" (in English) Gent, BE
20-21/10/2015 International Congress, Lexicografía multilingüe en red / Multilingual Internet Lexicography Santiago de Compostela, ES
23/10/2015 Conference on Frisian Linguistics 2015 Leeuwarden, NL
29-30/10/2015 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
29-31/10/2015 Third Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching Saarbrücken, DE
04-06/11/2015 11th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence, "Multilingual Terminology, Ontologies and Knowledge Representation Models" Granada, ES
05-06/11/2015 1st International Conference on Translation, Ideology and Gender Santander, ES
05-07/11/2015 5th International Conference of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP) Milan, IT
05/11/2015 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
08-20/11/2015 IV Clinical Linguistics International Congress Barcelona, ES
09/11/2015-07/12/2015 Basisvormingscursus over overheidscommunicatie Antwerp, BE
10-12/11/2015 Tekom Jahrestagung / tcworld conference Stuttgart, DE
13/11/2015 ALTE Open Conference on "The Concept of Quality in Language Assessent" Perugia, IT
16-17/11/2015 Topics in Applied Linguistics 2015: Success and Failure in Foreign Language Teaching Opole, PL
17/11/2015 Schrijven met twee hersenhelften (start) Mechelen, BE
19-20/11/2015 NATO Conference on Terminology Management Brussels, BE
19-21/11/2015 Linguisti in contatto 2: Ricerche di linguistica italiana in Svizzera e sulla Svizzera Bellinzona, CH
20/11/2015 memoQ voor gevorderden (advanced users) (in Dutch) Gent, BE
20-21/11/2015 Language. Learning. Technology. (conference) Lüneburg, DE
20-21/11/2015 Expolingua Berlin 2015 Berlin, DE
23-24/11/2015 LT-Accelerate Brussels, BE
26/11/2015 The Value of Language II Brussels, BE
26-27/11/2015 Translating and the Computer 37 London, UK
03/12/2015 Vormingscursus Usability & webschrijven Gent, BE
03/12/2015 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
11/12/2015 SDL Trados: "Getting Started Part 2: Working with the Supply Chain and Pre-production" (in English) Gent, BE
11-12/12/2015 Treebanks & Linguistic Theories 14 Warsaw, PL
11-12/12/2015 Literaire Vertaaldagen 2015 Amsterdam, NL
07/01/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
29-30/01/2016 AIIC Training of Trainers Seminar: "Conference Interpreting: What we know" Rome, IT
04/02/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
21/02/2016 International Mother Language Day worldwide
03/03/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
11-12/03/2016 Getting ahead together Hilversum, NL
16/03/2016 The Value of Language II: Purchasing Language Solutions Brussels, BE
17/03/2016 Round Table on the Status of Language Professions in Europe Brussels, BE
07/04/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
09/04/2016 EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association) annual conference Strassbourg, FR
13/4/2016 European Language Resource Coordination (LREC) workshop Gent, BE
13-16/04/2016 50th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhbition Birmingham, UK
14-16/04/2016 Intermedia conference on Audiovisual Translation Łódź, PO
21/4/2016 International Symposium on Wiretap Interpreting Antwerp, BE
21-22/04/2016 T-Update (EUATC Conference) Budapest, HU
21-22/04/2016 ND focus (ELIA networking days for LSP executives) Mallorca, ES
23/4/2016 Belta Day: Connected Classrooms Brussels, BE
29/4/2016 Unlimited! (International Symposium on Accessible Live Events Antwerp, BE
29/4/2016 Translanguaging in Multilingual Urban Settings Brussel
02-03/05/2016 TransLaw 2016: Translation and Interpreting as a Means of Guaranteeing Equality under Law Tampere, FI
17-18/05/2016 Language Technology Industry Summit Brussels
20-21/5/2016 The Public Service Interpreter’s Discourse Mons
23-28/05/2016 LREC 2016 (International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation) Portoroz, SL
30/05-01/06/2016 EAMT 2016 (European Association for Machine Translation) Riga, LV
02/06/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
8-9/6/2016 Information Energy 2016 Utrecht, NL
8-10/6/2016 Localisation World 31 Dublin, IR
9-10/6/2016 Fun for All: 4th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility Barcelona, ES
10-12/6/2016 International Conference on Bilingualism in Education Bangor, UK
20-22/6/2016 CoDesigns. Envisioning Multi-sited Language Education Policies Jyväskylä, FI
4-5/7/2016 META-FORUM 2016 Lisbon, PT
7-9/7/2016 Towards an Inclusive, Ethical and Plurilingual Language Education Győr, HU
14-21/7/2016 Français, langue ardente (XIVe. Congrès mondial des professeurs de français de la FIPF) Liège, BE
29/8-2/9/2016 Translation Technology Summer School Antwerp, BE
31/8-3/9/2016 Metaphor Festival Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL
1-3/9/2016 International Conference on Multilingualism and Third Language Acquisition Wien, AT
1/9/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
3-4/9/2016 2016 International Conference Stockholm, SE
5-9/9/2016 Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations (Intercultural Education at the Crossroads Conference) Budapest, HU
8/9/2016 International Literacy Day  
6-10/9/2016 Euralex 2016 Tbilisi, GE
11-13/9/2016 Conference on Multilingualism Gent, BE
12-17/9/2016 11th Machine Translation Marathon Prague (CZ)
15-17/9/2016 8th EST Congress (European Society for Translation Studies) Aarhus, DK
19-20/9/2016 Heritage Language Acquisition: Breaking New Ground in Methodology and Domains of Inquiry Tromsø, NO
24/9/2016 Scandinavian Language Associations' Meeting Malmö, SE
26-27/9/2016 Open education: promoting diversity for European Languages Brussels, BE
26-27/9/2016 Translation and Activism Cork, IE
30/9-1/10/2016 Drongo Language Festival Utrecht, NL
30/9/2016 TeTra4 (Technologies for Translation: Back To Innovation Forli, IT
06/10/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
13-14/10/2016 ELIA Networking Days Brussels, BE
14-16/10/2016 London Language Show London, UK
20-21/10/2016 Deep Machine Translation Workshop 2016 Lisbon, PT
27-28/10/2016 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
28/10/2016 Equivalences 2016 : Gegenwart und Zukunft der Sprachmittlerberufe Bern, CH
2-4/11/2016 Languages & The Media Berlin, DE
8-10/11/2016 tcworld / tekom Jahrestagung 2016 Stuttgart, DE
14-15/11/2016 European Terminology Summit Luxembourg
18-19/11/2016 Expolingua Berlin Berlin, DE
18-19/11/2016 Translating and the Computer (TC38) London, UK
21-22/11/2016 LT-Accelerate Brussels, BE
24-25/11/2016 The Status of Languages: Does Official Recognition Matter? Barcelona, ES
26/11/2016 European Championship Poetry Slam Leuven, BE
30/11-2/12/2016 Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology, Machine Learning and Big Data Sevilla, ES
1/12/2016 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
1-2/12/2016 ELIA ND Focus on Project Management Barcelona, ES
5/12/2016 Information Architecture – A Young Discipline with a Great Future Antwerp, BE
7/12/2016 Belgium NLP Kickoff Meetup Leuven, BE
8-9/12/2016 Interpreting in health: translating and crossing borders Bordeaux, FR
14/12/2016 - 20/3/2017 Après Babel, traduire Marseille, FR
20-21/1/2017 Expolangues Paris, FR
30/1/2017 TAUS Roundtable Vienna, AT
2/2/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
4/2/2017 Words To Deeds Conference (legal translation) London, UK
10/2/2017 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN27) Leuven, BE
21/2/2017 2nd Belgium NLP Meetup Antwerp, BE
23-24/2/2017 ELIA Together Berlin, DE
24-25/2/2017 6th Bremen Symposium on Language Learning and Teaching at Universities Bremen, DE
1-3/3/2017 8th Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling Alicante, ES
2/3/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
6-8/3/2017 VI Congreso Internacional sobre Traducción e Interpretación en los Servicios Públicos Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), ES
8-10/3/2017 8th International Conference of the Iberian Association of Translation and Interpreting (AIETI8) Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), ES
16-18/3/2017 Multilingualism in Society, Politics and Education Freiburg, DE
22-24/3/2017 TAUS Industry Summit Amsterdam, NL
24-25/3/2017 6th Translation and Localization Conference Warsaw, PO
26-29/3/2017 GALA 2017 (Globalization and Localization Association) Amsterdam, NL
29-30/3/2017 Documation 2017 Paris, FR
30/3/2017 TAUS QE Round Table Amsterdam, NL
30-31/3/2017 The Many Facets of Legal Interpreting and Translation Vienna, AT
3/4/2017 4th Workshop on NLP for Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects (VarDial) Valencia, ES
3-7/4/2017 15th EACL Conference (European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics) Valencia, ES
6/4/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
10-14/4/2017 1st World Congress on Translation Studies / Congrès Mondial de Traductologie Paris, FR
17-23/4/2017 18th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics (CICLing 2017) Budapest, HU
20-21/4/2017 T-Update (EUATC Annual Conference) Berlin, DE
24-28/4/2017 19th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics (ICLL) München, DE
27/4/2017 Mobility and inclusion in multilingual Europe (MIME) Brussels, BE
28/4/2017 European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication Studies Antwerpen, BE
28/4/2017 Atelier consacré aux agences de traduction Namur, BE
3-5/5/2017 ALTE 6th International Conference Bologna, IT
4/5/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
4-6/5/2017 Colloque Traduction et philosophie Liège, BE
4-6/5/2017 BP17 Translation Conference Budapest, HU
4-6/5/2017 ALTO Conference 2017 (Association of Language Travel Organisations) Madrid, ES
5-6/5/2017 Innovate ELT Conference 2017 - Power to the Learner Barcelona, ES
8-12/5/2017 LIAs Top 100 Live (Language Industry Awards) Ghent (BE) & Facebook Live
10-12/5/2017 Justice and Minorized Languages under a Postmonolingual Order (ITIC11) Castelló de la Plana, ES
13/5/2017 Belta Day 2017 Brussels, BE
15-17/5/2017 Linguistic Diversity Meets The Brain: Future Directions in the Language Sciences (LDMTB) Zürich, CH
17-18/5/2017 Information Energy 2017 (IEn2017) Utrecht, NL
18/5/2017 Belgium NLP Meetup Gent, BE
18-20/5/2017 ITI Conference (Institute of Translation & Interpreting Cardiff, UK
22-24/5/2017 The Politics of Multilingualism: Possibilities and Challenges Amsterdam, NL
22-24/5/2017 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa) Gothenburg, SE
26-27/5/2017 Sustainable Multilingualism 2017 Kaunas, LT
28-29/5/2017 Semantic Deep Learning (SemDeep 17) Portoroz, SI
1/6/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
1-2/6/2017 Quo Vadis, Legal Translation? (International Congress) Bratislava, SK
1-3/6/2017 EALTA 2017 (Language testing and assessment - Its role in mobility and social integration) Sèvres, FR
12-13/6/2017 TAUS Industry Leaders Forum Girona, ES
14/6/2017 TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit Barcelona, ES
14-16/6/2017 LocWorld 34 Barcelona, ES
19-20/6/2017 Language, Data and Knowledge 2017 Galway, IE
19-22/6/2017 Summer Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics Tampere, FI
21/6/2017 Bi-/Multilingualism and the Declining Brain Reading, UK
21-23/6/2017 22nd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB 2017) Liège, BE
26-30/6/2017 TALN-RECITAL 2017 Conference Orléans, FR
28-30/6/2017 21st Conference on Language for specific purposes Bergen, NO
10-14/7/2017 International Terminology Summer School (TSS2017) Köln, DE
13-14/7/2017 Translation in Transition Conference Gent, BE
13-14/7/2017 15th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language London, UK
16-21/7/2017 15th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA) Belfast, UK
30/8-2/9/2017 European Second Language Acquisition (EUROSLA) Reading, UK
2-8/9/2017 Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP-17) Varna, BG
4-8/9/2017 2nd International Translation Technology Summer School Antwerp, BE
7/9/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
12-13/9/2017 SEMANTiCS 2017 (13th International Conference on Semantic Systems) Amsterdam, NL
13-15/9/2017 International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics (GSCL 2017) Berlin, DE
19-21/9/2017 eLex 2017 (Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century: Lexicography from Scratch) Leiden, NL
21/9/2017 Plain 2017 (Plain Language Association InterNational) Graz, AT
22/9/2017 ALTE 50th Conference Day Leuven, BE
29-30/9/2017 DRONGO language festival Utrecht, NL
30/9/2017 International Translation Day  
29-30/9/2017 Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts Koper, SI
5/10/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
9-11/10/2017 VIth Language Technology Industry Summit Brussels, BE
12-13/10/2017 International Colloquium on “Language Skills for Economic and Social Inclusion” Berlin, DE
13-14/10/2017 Conferenza Internazionale "MOOC, apprendimento delle lingue e mobilità" Napoli, IT
13-15/10/2017 Language Show London London, UK
14-15/10/2017 6. Fachkonferenz Sprache und Recht Hannover, DE
24-26/10/2017 tcworld conference 2017 Stuttgart, DE
26-28/10/2017 METM17 (Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2017) Brescia, IT
26-28/10/2017 Structural and Developmental Aspects of Bidialectalism Tromsø, NO
6-7/11/2017 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
7-8/11/2017 European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) Conference Brussels, BE
10-11/11/2017 New trends in language teaching, interpretation and translation (TechLING Forli, IT
13-14/11/2017 International Conference “Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology” (Europhras 2017) London, UK
13-14/11/2017 META Forum 2017 Brussels, BE
16-17/11/2017 Translating and the Computer 39 London, UK
17-18/11/2017 Expolingua Berlin Berlin, DE
7/12/2017 The Language Industry Open Door Service Gent, BE
8-10/12/2017 Language Education across Borders (LangEdu2017) Graz, AT
10-14/1/2018 37th AIIC Assembly (International Association of Conference Interpreters) Valencia, ES
16-18/1/2018 Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence (NLPinAI 2018) Funchal, PT
2/2/2018 Traduction & Qualité 2018 (TQ2018) : biotraduction et traduction automatique Villeneuve d’Ascq, FR
3/2/2018 The Value of Legal Translation Professionals London, UK
5-9/2/2018 MultiLing Winter School 2018: Language policy in multilingual contexts – methodological approaches Oslo, NO
15-17/2/2018 Linguistic Evidence 2018 – Experimental data drives linguistic theory Tübingen, DE
23-24/2/2018 Words, Images and Ideology of Populism 3.0 Napoli, IT
1-2/3/2018 Information Energy Amsterdam, NL
5-9/3/2018 Trends in Translation and Localization Köthen, DE
9-10/3/2018 The Language Industry 4.0: Embracing the future? Breda, NL
15/3/2018 Language Industry Awards 2018 Gent, BE
6/4/2018 Sociolinguistics Circle Maastricht, NL
16-18/4/2018 Global approaches to multilingualism and standardisation Cambridge, UK
19-20/4/2018 Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (8th International Research Conference) Moscow, RU
19-20/4/2018 13th EUATC Annual Conference (T-Update) Madrid, ES
19-21/4/2018 36th International AESLA Conference: Applied Linguistics and knowledge transfer: employability, internationalization and social challenges Cadiz, ES
24-26/4/2018 Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains: Languages for digital lives and cultures (TISLID 18) Ghent, BE
25-27/4/2018 Multilingual Language Theories and Practices (MLTP2018) Valladolid, ES
25-27/5/2018 Technology-Based Language Assessment: Benefits and Challenges (15th EALTA Conference) Bochum, DE
28-30/5/2018 EAMT 2018 (21st Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation) Alicante, ES
4-7/7/2018 Towards language aware citizenship (14th ALA conference) Amsterdam, NL
23-24/7/2018 International ELINET Symposium 2018 “Literacy in the 21st Century: Participation – Inclusion – Equity” Köln, DE



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