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Events Calendar



Date Event Place
1/1-31/12/2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages  
1-3/10/2019 eLex 2019: Smart Lexicography Sintra, PT
3-4/10/2019 ELIA Networking Days The Hague, NL
3-4/10/2019 100 Years of Conference Interpreting Genève, CH
5-6/10/2019 8th Image Conference (on the use of image in ELT) Brussels, BE
8-9/10/2019 Meta Forum 2019 - Introducing the European Language Grid Brussels, BE
9-11/10/2019 17th EFNIL Conference (European Federation of National Institutions for Language) Tallinn, EE
10-11/10/2019 Meet Central Europe Prague, CZ
14-16/10/2019 7th SLSP (International Conference on Statistical Language and Speech Processing) Ljubljana, SI
15-18/10/2019 Multilingualism and multimodality in Higher Education - 6th ICLHE Conference (Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education) Castellón, ES
17-18/10/2019 Localization Unconference in Germany Munich, DE
18/10/2019 Dublin Localization Unconference Dublin, IE
23-25/10/2019 Empowering Multilingual Families Brussels, BE
25-26/10/2019 DRONGO talenfestival Nijmegen, NL
7-8/11/2019 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
12-14/11/2019 tc world / tekom-Jahrestagung Stuttgart, DE
15-17/11/2019 The Language Show London, UK
21-22/11/2019 InDialog 3: Interpreter Practice, Research and Training: the Impact of Context Antwerp, BE
22-23/11/2019 Expolingua Berlin Berlin, DE
22-24/11/2019 Translation and Interpreting 4.0 – New Ways in the Digital Age Bonn, DE
24-26/11/2019 Nordic Translation Industry Forum Gothenburg, SE
28/11/2019 European Language Council (ELC/CEL) Conference 2019: Language & Education Brussels, BE
5-6/12/2019 ND Focus – ELIA's focus on Project Management (European Language Industry Association) Hamburg, DE
27-28/02/2020 Together, ELIA (European Language Industry Association) Milan, IT
2-6/03/2020 LATA 2020 (14th International Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications) Milan, IT
24-25/04/2020 BP20 Translation Conference Nuremberg, DE
8/05/2020 CreAtIve Language Conference London, UK
11-16/05/2020 LREC 2020 (The European Language Resources Association) Marseille, FR
8-10/06/2020 Languages and the media 2020 (13th International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media) Berlin, DE
8-10/07/2020 AELFE-TAPP 2020 International Conference (European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes - Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Project) Barcelona, ES
20-26/07/2020 UTICamp 2020 (Ukrainian Translation Industry campsite) Dnipro, UA
3/5-11/2020 tcworld2020 Stuttgart, DE
2-7/8/2021 XVII. Internationale Tagung der Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer (idt wien 2021) Wien, AT
Past events   Place
5-6/02/2015 Computer Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN) Antwerp, BE
5-7/02/2015 Expolangues Paris, FR
19-20/02/2015 Multilingualism and Interpreting in Settings of Globalisation: Asylum and Migration (conferentie) Gent, BE
13/03/2015 Journée d'études de la B.V.L.F (Association des profs de FLE en Flandre et à Bruxelles) Gent, BE
20/03/2015 Language Industry Awards Gent, BE
27/03/2015 Sociolinguistics Circle Gent, BE
17/04/2015 TCeurope 2015 Brussels, BE
25/04/2015 Belta Day (conference of the Belgian English Language Teachers Association) Brussels, BE
27-29/04/2015 Riga Summit 2015: Multilingual Digital Single Market Riga, LV
7/05/2015 De Taalsector Adviesmiddag Gent, BE
21-22/05/2015 Maastricht Session of the 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning" Maastricht, NL
3-4/06/2015 Information Energy 2015 Utrecht, NL
8/06/2015 Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Belgium Brussels, BE
13-14/06/2015 conference 2015 Rotterdam, NL
25-26/06/2015 LT-Innovate Summit Brussels, BE
22-25/07/2015 WASLI Conference 2015 (World Association of Sign Language Interpreters) Istanbul, TR
26-31/07/2015 14th International Pragmatics Conference: Session: Subtitling for the Deaf and the Hard-of-Hearing Antwerpen, BE
26/07-01/08/2015 International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School Norwich, UK
02-14/08/2015 Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course Cambridge, UK
03-15/08/2015 German for Conference Interpreters (German as a C-Language) (aiic) Germersheim, DE
07-08/08/2015 #tobelta web conference on EFL assessment online
15-31/08/2015 Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015 Edinburgh, UK
17-21/08/2015 19e IVN Colloquium: Hyperdiverse neerlandistiek Leiden, NL
17-22/08/2015 Short courses for conference interpreters with English B (aiic) London, UK
19-21/08/2015 26th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics Aalborg, DK
03/09/2015 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
05/09/2015 5th AIIC Germany's "Interpreters-for-Interpreters" workshop Köln, DE
06-10/09/2015 Interspeech 2015. Speech beyond Speech: Towards a Better understanding of the Most Important Biosignal Dresden, DE
07-11/09/2015 ALTE Language Testing Courses: Managing Examinations for Language Testing Institutions Cambridge, UK
07-13/09/2015 Week van de geletterdheid Flanders, BE
10-11/9/2015 Multilingual Perspectives on Professional Discourse in Europe Gent, BE
10-12/09/2015 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition Conference (GALA 12) Nantes, FR
14-17/09/2015 4th Barcelona Summer School on Bilingualism and Multilingualism Barcelona, ES
16-18/09/2015 International Conference on Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT 2015) Leuven, BE
18-19/09/2015 Lodz Session of the 6th International Maastricht-Lodz Duo Colloquium on "Translation and Meaning" Lodz, PL
17-18/09/2015 CEL/ELC Conference "The Politics of Teaching and Learning Languages" London, UK
17-20/09/2015 10th International PLAIN Conference Dublin, IE
18/09/2015 memoQ for beginners (in Dutch) Gent, BE
24/09/2015 Minisymposium: De toekomst van Nederlandstalige software voor copyediting Antwerpen, BE
25-26/09/2015 Drongo Festival Utrecht, NL
26/09/2015 60th Anniversary of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters Brussels, BE
01/10/2015 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
05-07/10/2015 II Congreso Internacional RELEX: A terminoloxía, unha necesidade da sociedade actual Santiago de Compostela, ES
07-08/10/2015 Open Learning in Minority Languages: Chances and Perspectives Leeuwarden, NL
10-17/10/2015 Week van het Nederlands  
14-18/10/2015 Frankfurter Buchmesse Frankfurt, DE
14-15/10/2015 COE Intergovernmental Conference: Taking into account the language dimension in all subjects for equity and quality in education and for educational success Strasbourg, FR
16/10/2015 SDL Trados: "Getting Started Part 1: Translating" (in English) Gent, BE
20-21/10/2015 International Congress, Lexicografía multilingüe en red / Multilingual Internet Lexicography Santiago de Compostela, ES
23/10/2015 Conference on Frisian Linguistics 2015 Leeuwarden, NL
29-30/10/2015 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
29-31/10/2015 Third Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching Saarbrücken, DE
04-06/11/2015 11th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence, "Multilingual Terminology, Ontologies and Knowledge Representation Models" Granada, ES
05-06/11/2015 1st International Conference on Translation, Ideology and Gender Santander, ES
05-07/11/2015 5th International Conference of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP) Milan, IT
05/11/2015 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
08-20/11/2015 IV Clinical Linguistics International Congress Barcelona, ES
09/11/2015-07/12/2015 Basisvormingscursus over overheidscommunicatie Antwerp, BE
10-12/11/2015 Tekom Jahrestagung / tcworld conference Stuttgart, DE
13/11/2015 ALTE Open Conference on "The Concept of Quality in Language Assessent" Perugia, IT
16-17/11/2015 Topics in Applied Linguistics 2015: Success and Failure in Foreign Language Teaching Opole, PL
17/11/2015 Schrijven met twee hersenhelften (start) Mechelen, BE
19-20/11/2015 NATO Conference on Terminology Management Brussels, BE
19-21/11/2015 Linguisti in contatto 2: Ricerche di linguistica italiana in Svizzera e sulla Svizzera Bellinzona, CH
20/11/2015 memoQ voor gevorderden (advanced users) (in Dutch) Gent, BE
20-21/11/2015 Language. Learning. Technology. (conference) Lüneburg, DE
20-21/11/2015 Expolingua Berlin 2015 Berlin, DE
23-24/11/2015 LT-Accelerate Brussels, BE
26/11/2015 The Value of Language II Brussels, BE
26-27/11/2015 Translating and the Computer 37 London, UK
03/12/2015 Vormingscursus Usability & webschrijven Gent, BE
03/12/2015 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
11/12/2015 SDL Trados: "Getting Started Part 2: Working with the Supply Chain and Pre-production" (in English) Gent, BE
11-12/12/2015 Treebanks & Linguistic Theories 14 Warsaw, PL
11-12/12/2015 Literaire Vertaaldagen 2015 Amsterdam, NL
07/01/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
29-30/01/2016 AIIC Training of Trainers Seminar: "Conference Interpreting: What we know" Rome, IT
04/02/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
21/02/2016 International Mother Language Day worldwide
03/03/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
11-12/03/2016 Getting ahead together Hilversum, NL
16/03/2016 The Value of Language II: Purchasing Language Solutions Brussels, BE
17/03/2016 Round Table on the Status of Language Professions in Europe Brussels, BE
07/04/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
09/04/2016 EULITA (European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association) annual conference Strassbourg, FR
13/4/2016 European Language Resource Coordination (LREC) workshop Gent, BE
13-16/04/2016 50th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhbition Birmingham, UK
14-16/04/2016 Intermedia conference on Audiovisual Translation Łódź, PO
21/4/2016 International Symposium on Wiretap Interpreting Antwerp, BE
21-22/04/2016 T-Update (EUATC Conference) Budapest, HU
21-22/04/2016 ND focus (ELIA networking days for LSP executives) Mallorca, ES
23/4/2016 Belta Day: Connected Classrooms Brussels, BE
29/4/2016 Unlimited! (International Symposium on Accessible Live Events Antwerp, BE
29/4/2016 Translanguaging in Multilingual Urban Settings Brussel
02-03/05/2016 TransLaw 2016: Translation and Interpreting as a Means of Guaranteeing Equality under Law Tampere, FI
17-18/05/2016 Language Technology Industry Summit Brussels
20-21/5/2016 The Public Service Interpreter’s Discourse Mons
23-28/05/2016 LREC 2016 (International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation) Portoroz, SL
30/05-01/06/2016 EAMT 2016 (European Association for Machine Translation) Riga, LV
02/06/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
8-9/6/2016 Information Energy 2016 Utrecht, NL
8-10/6/2016 Localisation World 31 Dublin, IR
9-10/6/2016 Fun for All: 4th International Conference on Game Translation and Accessibility Barcelona, ES
10-12/6/2016 International Conference on Bilingualism in Education Bangor, UK
20-22/6/2016 CoDesigns. Envisioning Multi-sited Language Education Policies Jyväskylä, FI
4-5/7/2016 META-FORUM 2016 Lisbon, PT
7-9/7/2016 Towards an Inclusive, Ethical and Plurilingual Language Education Győr, HU
14-21/7/2016 Français, langue ardente (XIVe. Congrès mondial des professeurs de français de la FIPF) Liège, BE
29/8-2/9/2016 Translation Technology Summer School Antwerp, BE
31/8-3/9/2016 Metaphor Festival Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL
1-3/9/2016 International Conference on Multilingualism and Third Language Acquisition Wien, AT
1/9/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
3-4/9/2016 2016 International Conference Stockholm, SE
5-9/9/2016 Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations (Intercultural Education at the Crossroads Conference) Budapest, HU
8/9/2016 International Literacy Day  
6-10/9/2016 Euralex 2016 Tbilisi, GE
11-13/9/2016 Conference on Multilingualism Gent, BE
12-17/9/2016 11th Machine Translation Marathon Prague (CZ)
15-17/9/2016 8th EST Congress (European Society for Translation Studies) Aarhus, DK
19-20/9/2016 Heritage Language Acquisition: Breaking New Ground in Methodology and Domains of Inquiry Tromsø, NO
24/9/2016 Scandinavian Language Associations' Meeting Malmö, SE
26-27/9/2016 Open education: promoting diversity for European Languages Brussels, BE
26-27/9/2016 Translation and Activism Cork, IE
30/9-1/10/2016 Drongo Language Festival Utrecht, NL
30/9/2016 TeTra4 (Technologies for Translation: Back To Innovation Forli, IT
06/10/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
13-14/10/2016 ELIA Networking Days Brussels, BE
14-16/10/2016 London Language Show London, UK
20-21/10/2016 Deep Machine Translation Workshop 2016 Lisbon, PT
27-28/10/2016 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
28/10/2016 Equivalences 2016 : Gegenwart und Zukunft der Sprachmittlerberufe Bern, CH
2-4/11/2016 Languages & The Media Berlin, DE
8-10/11/2016 tcworld / tekom Jahrestagung 2016 Stuttgart, DE
14-15/11/2016 European Terminology Summit Luxembourg
18-19/11/2016 Expolingua Berlin Berlin, DE
18-19/11/2016 Translating and the Computer (TC38) London, UK
21-22/11/2016 LT-Accelerate Brussels, BE
24-25/11/2016 The Status of Languages: Does Official Recognition Matter? Barcelona, ES
26/11/2016 European Championship Poetry Slam Leuven, BE
30/11-2/12/2016 Future and Emerging Trends in Language Technology, Machine Learning and Big Data Sevilla, ES
1/12/2016 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
1-2/12/2016 ELIA ND Focus on Project Management Barcelona, ES
5/12/2016 Information Architecture – A Young Discipline with a Great Future Antwerp, BE
7/12/2016 Belgium NLP Kickoff Meetup Leuven, BE
8-9/12/2016 Interpreting in health: translating and crossing borders Bordeaux, FR
14/12/2016 - 20/3/2017 Après Babel, traduire Marseille, FR
20-21/1/2017 Expolangues Paris, FR
30/1/2017 TAUS Roundtable Vienna, AT
2/2/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
4/2/2017 Words To Deeds Conference (legal translation) London, UK
10/2/2017 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN27) Leuven, BE
21/2/2017 2nd Belgium NLP Meetup Antwerp, BE
23-24/2/2017 ELIA Together Berlin, DE
24-25/2/2017 6th Bremen Symposium on Language Learning and Teaching at Universities Bremen, DE
1-3/3/2017 8th Conference on Dubbing and Subtitling Alicante, ES
2/3/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
6-8/3/2017 VI Congreso Internacional sobre Traducción e Interpretación en los Servicios Públicos Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), ES
8-10/3/2017 8th International Conference of the Iberian Association of Translation and Interpreting (AIETI8) Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), ES
16-18/3/2017 Multilingualism in Society, Politics and Education Freiburg, DE
22-24/3/2017 TAUS Industry Summit Amsterdam, NL
24-25/3/2017 6th Translation and Localization Conference Warsaw, PO
26-29/3/2017 GALA 2017 (Globalization and Localization Association) Amsterdam, NL
29-30/3/2017 Documation 2017 Paris, FR
30/3/2017 TAUS QE Round Table Amsterdam, NL
30-31/3/2017 The Many Facets of Legal Interpreting and Translation Vienna, AT
3/4/2017 4th Workshop on NLP for Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects (VarDial) Valencia, ES
3-7/4/2017 15th EACL Conference (European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics) Valencia, ES
6/4/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
10-14/4/2017 1st World Congress on Translation Studies / Congrès Mondial de Traductologie Paris, FR
17-23/4/2017 18th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics (CICLing 2017) Budapest, HU
20-21/4/2017 T-Update (EUATC Annual Conference) Berlin, DE
24-28/4/2017 19th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics (ICLL) München, DE
27/4/2017 Mobility and inclusion in multilingual Europe (MIME) Brussels, BE
28/4/2017 European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication Studies Antwerpen, BE
28/4/2017 Atelier consacré aux agences de traduction Namur, BE
3-5/5/2017 ALTE 6th International Conference Bologna, IT
4/5/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
4-6/5/2017 Colloque Traduction et philosophie Liège, BE
4-6/5/2017 BP17 Translation Conference Budapest, HU
4-6/5/2017 ALTO Conference 2017 (Association of Language Travel Organisations) Madrid, ES
5-6/5/2017 Innovate ELT Conference 2017 - Power to the Learner Barcelona, ES
8-12/5/2017 LIAs Top 100 Live (Language Industry Awards) Ghent (BE) & Facebook Live
10-12/5/2017 Justice and Minorized Languages under a Postmonolingual Order (ITIC11) Castelló de la Plana, ES
13/5/2017 Belta Day 2017 Brussels, BE
15-17/5/2017 Linguistic Diversity Meets The Brain: Future Directions in the Language Sciences (LDMTB) Zürich, CH
17-18/5/2017 Information Energy 2017 (IEn2017) Utrecht, NL
18/5/2017 Belgium NLP Meetup Gent, BE
18-20/5/2017 ITI Conference (Institute of Translation & Interpreting Cardiff, UK
22-24/5/2017 The Politics of Multilingualism: Possibilities and Challenges Amsterdam, NL
22-24/5/2017 21st Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa) Gothenburg, SE
26-27/5/2017 Sustainable Multilingualism 2017 Kaunas, LT
28-29/5/2017 Semantic Deep Learning (SemDeep 17) Portoroz, SI
1/6/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
1-2/6/2017 Quo Vadis, Legal Translation? (International Congress) Bratislava, SK
1-3/6/2017 EALTA 2017 (Language testing and assessment - Its role in mobility and social integration) Sèvres, FR
12-13/6/2017 TAUS Industry Leaders Forum Girona, ES
14/6/2017 TAUS Quality Evaluation Summit Barcelona, ES
14-16/6/2017 LocWorld 34 Barcelona, ES
19-20/6/2017 Language, Data and Knowledge 2017 Galway, IE
19-22/6/2017 Summer Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics Tampere, FI
21/6/2017 Bi-/Multilingualism and the Declining Brain Reading, UK
21-23/6/2017 22nd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB 2017) Liège, BE
26-30/6/2017 TALN-RECITAL 2017 Conference Orléans, FR
28-30/6/2017 21st Conference on Language for specific purposes Bergen, NO
10-14/7/2017 International Terminology Summer School (TSS2017) Köln, DE
13-14/7/2017 Translation in Transition Conference Gent, BE
13-14/7/2017 15th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language London, UK
16-21/7/2017 15th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA) Belfast, UK
30/8-2/9/2017 European Second Language Acquisition (EUROSLA) Reading, UK
2-8/9/2017 Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP-17) Varna, BG
4-8/9/2017 2nd International Translation Technology Summer School Antwerp, BE
7/9/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
12-13/9/2017 SEMANTiCS 2017 (13th International Conference on Semantic Systems) Amsterdam, NL
13-15/9/2017 International Conference of the German Society for Computational Linguistics (GSCL 2017) Berlin, DE
19-21/9/2017 eLex 2017 (Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century: Lexicography from Scratch) Leiden, NL
21/9/2017 Plain 2017 (Plain Language Association InterNational) Graz, AT
22/9/2017 ALTE 50th Conference Day Leuven, BE
29-30/9/2017 DRONGO language festival Utrecht, NL
30/9/2017 International Translation Day  
29-30/9/2017 Multilingual Education in Linguistically Diverse Contexts Koper, SI
5/10/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
9-11/10/2017 VIth Language Technology Industry Summit Brussels, BE
12-13/10/2017 International Colloquium on “Language Skills for Economic and Social Inclusion” Berlin, DE
13-14/10/2017 Conferenza Internazionale "MOOC, apprendimento delle lingue e mobilità" Napoli, IT
13-15/10/2017 Language Show London London, UK
14-15/10/2017 6. Fachkonferenz Sprache und Recht Hannover, DE
24-26/10/2017 tcworld conference 2017 Stuttgart, DE
26-28/10/2017 METM17 (Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2017) Brescia, IT
26-28/10/2017 Structural and Developmental Aspects of Bidialectalism Tromsø, NO
6-7/11/2017 Translating Europe Forum Brussels, BE
7-8/11/2017 European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) Conference Brussels, BE
10-11/11/2017 New trends in language teaching, interpretation and translation (TechLING Forli, IT
13-14/11/2017 International Conference “Computational and Corpus-based Phraseology” (Europhras 2017) London, UK
13-14/11/2017 META Forum 2017 Brussels, BE
16-17/11/2017 Translating and the Computer 39 London, UK
17-18/11/2017 Expolingua Berlin Berlin, DE
7/12/2017 The Language Sector Open Door Service Gent, BE
8-10/12/2017 Language Education across Borders (LangEdu2017) Graz, AT
10-14/1/2018 37th AIIC Assembly (International Association of Conference Interpreters) Valencia, ES
16-18/1/2018 Natural Language Processing in Artificial Intelligence (NLPinAI 2018) Funchal, PT
2/2/2018 Traduction & Qualité 2018 (TQ2018) : biotraduction et traduction automatique Villeneuve d’Ascq, FR
3/2/2018 The Value of Legal Translation Professionals London, UK
5-9/2/2018 MultiLing Winter School 2018: Language policy in multilingual contexts – methodological approaches Oslo, NO
15-17/2/2018 Linguistic Evidence 2018 – Experimental data drives linguistic theory Tübingen, DE
23-24/2/2018 Words, Images and Ideology of Populism 3.0 Napoli, IT
1-2/3/2018 Information Energy Amsterdam, NL
5-9/3/2018 Trends in Translation and Localization Köthen, DE
9-10/3/2018 The Language Sector 4.0: Embracing the future? Breda, NL
15/3/2018 Language Industry Awards 2018 Gent, BE
6/4/2018 Sociolinguistics Circle Maastricht, NL
16-18/4/2018 Global approaches to multilingualism and standardisation Cambridge, UK
19-20/4/2018 Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication (8th International Research Conference) Moscow, RU
19-20/4/2018 13th EUATC Annual Conference (T-Update) Madrid, ES
19-21/4/2018 36th International AESLA Conference: Applied Linguistics and knowledge transfer: employability, internationalization and social challenges Cadiz, ES
24-26/4/2018 Technological Innovation for Specialized Linguistic Domains: Languages for digital lives and cultures (TISLID 18) Ghent, BE
25-27/4/2018 Multilingual Language Theories and Practices (MLTP2018) Valladolid, ES
25-27/5/2018 Technology-Based Language Assessment: Benefits and Challenges (15th EALTA Conference) Bochum, DE
28-30/5/2018 EAMT 2018 (21st Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation) Alicante, ES
4-7/7/2018 Towards language aware citizenship (14th ALA conference) Amsterdam, NL
23-24/7/2018 International ELINET Symposium 2018 “Literacy in the 21st Century: Participation – Inclusion – Equity” Köln, DE
27-31/8/2018 20e Colloquium Neerlandicum: Nederlands in beweging Leuven, BE
12-14/9/2018 Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (5th UCCTS conference Louvain-la-Neuve, BE
17-18/9/2018 Talking to the World 3 Newcastle, UK
20-22/9/2018 Legal and Institutional Translation Policies (LITP2018 conference) Leuven, BE
3-5/10/2018 Languages & The Media Berlin, DE
13-15/11/2018 tcworld conference / tekom Jahrestagung 2018 Stuttgart, DE
15-16/11/2018 Translating and the Computer 40 London, UK
29-30/11/2018 2nd Cologne Conference on Translation, Interpreting and Technical Documentation (CGN18) Köln, DE
31/01/2019 Computer Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN) Groningen, NL
14-16/2/2019 Language, Identity and Education in Multilingual Contexts (LIEMC19) York, UK
21-22/02/2019 Together 2019 (ELIA - European Language Industry Association) Barcelona, ES
21-23/02/2019 Minority Languages Between Localism and Globalization - AItLA 2019 (XIX Congresso Internazionale dell’Associazione Italiana di Linguistica Applicata) Cagliari, IT
5-7/03/2019 Legal Communication in a Multilingual and Multicultural Context Wuppertal, DE
6/03/2019 TAUS Global Content Summit Amsterdam, NL
7-9/03/2019 8. DaF-WEBKON 2019 “Deutsch digital – von Anfang an!” Online
13/03/2019 9th Belgium NLP Meetup Gent, BE
21-22/03/2019 tekom Frühjahrstagung (Spring Conference) Wien, AT
22-24/03/2019 2019 ECSPM Symposium: multilingual challenges: mediating images, languages and language pedagogy (European Civil Society Platform for Multilingualism Reading, UK
24-27/03/2019 GALA 2019 (Globalization and Localization Association) München, DE
25-27/03/2019 2nd International Conference on Bilingualism Valetta, MT
28-29/3/2019 The Impact of Interpreters on the Judiciary at National and International Level (conference) Luxemburg, LU
2-5/04/2019 53rd International IATEFL Conference Liverpool, UK
8-10/04/2019 Multilingualism, Diversity and Democracy Conference (MuDD 2019) Jönköping, SE
11-12/04/2019 Information Energy 2019 Amsterdam, NL
24-26/4/2019 53rd ALTE Conference (Association of Language Testers in Europe) Gent, BE
25/4/2019 Customizing Machine Translation (CEF eTranslation workshop) Brussels, BE
25-26/04/2019 T-UPDATE (14th EUATC conference) Tallinn, EE
25-27/04/2019 Terminologiearbeit: Projekte, Prozesse, Datenaustausch (DTT-Vertiefungsseminar) Köln, DE
03/05/2019 Journée d’étude « Linguistique générale 101 » Namur, BE
9-10/05/2019 ND Focus (ELIA Networking Days) Dubrovnik, HR
10-11/05/2019 E-dictionaries and e-lexicography (international conference) Zagreb, HR
15-16/05/2019 UA Reloaded 2019 (User Assistance) St. Leon-Rot, DE
21-23/5/2019 International Conference on Multilingualism and Multilingual Education (ICMME 19) Bielefeld, DE
22-24/5/2019 17th International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML XVII) Leeuwarden, NL
24-25/05/2019 Sustainable Multilingualism 2019 Kaunas, LT
30-31/05/2019 Trans-linguistica 5: Languages and Intercultural mediation after the digital revolution - the challenges of the 21st century Târgu Mureş, RO
2-3/06/2019 Write the Docs Vilnius Vilnius, LT
3-5/06/2019 10th International Conference on Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise (DICOEN 2019) Leuven, BE
4-5/06/2019 Evolution of TC 2019: Software Documentation Uncovered Sofia, BU
11-13/06/2019 LocWorld40 Portugal Estoril, PT
18-19/06/2019 Game Global Summit Lisbon, PT
24-26/06/2019 VIIIth Language Technology Industry Summit Brussels, BE
24-27/06/2019 European Conference on Argumentation Groningen, NL
28-29/06/2019 ICLaVE 10 (International Conference on Language Variation in Europe) Leeuwarden, NL
1-3/07/2019 Vocab@Leuven Leuven, BE
2/07/2019 9th Cambridge Conference on Language Endangerment Cambridge, UK/td>
3-5/07/2019 5th International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity in Schools and Society Soria, ES
8-11/07/2019 12th Annual International Conference on Languages & Linguistics Athens, GR
8-12/07/2019 TermNet International Terminology Summer School Wien, AT
23-26/07/2019 Teacher as a Language Policy Maker (International Summer School in “Language Policy and Language Planning: education, languages and migrations”) Siena, IT
23-27/07/2019 Multilingualism and Diversity (Summer School) Hildesheim, DE
23-27/07/2019 10th Global WordNet Conference (GWC 2019) Wroclaw, PO
19-23/08/2019 17th Machine Translation Summit Dublin, IE
27-30/08/2019 International Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2019 (ISMBS 2019) Chania, GR
28-31/08/2019 EuroSLA 29 (European Second Language Association Lund, SE
28-31/08/2019 EUROCALL 2019 (Computer-Assisted Language Learning) Louvain-la-Neuve, BE
2-6/09/2019 Translation Technology Summer School Antwerp, BE
4-8/09/2019 3e Congrès européen de la FIPF « français, passion pour demain ! » Athens, GR
09/09/2019 European Language Services Industry Forum (ELSE-IF 2019) Karlsruhe, DE
9-12/09/2019 Semantics 2019 Karlsruhe, DE
12-13/09/2019 Languages for Specific Purposes in Higher Education (LSPHE 2019) London, UK
15-17/09/2019 Write The Docs Prague, CZ
14/9/2019 Pluricentric Languages in Speech Technology (Satellite Workshop at Interspeech 2019) Graz, AT
15-19/9/2019 Interspeech 2019 (20th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association) Graz, AT
25-27/9/2019 Europhras 2019 Malaga, ES
25-27/9/2019 PLAIN 2019 (Plain Language Association International) Oslo, NO



Alle feedback is welkom


Hartelijk dank voor uw belangstelling. Wij zouden uw feedback bijzonder appreciëren. Alle feedback is waardevol.

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Alle feedback is waardevol.

Geef ons uw feedback met dit formulier.

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Publish your job opportunity (en)


Are you looking for a language professional?
Then you are at the right place. This is the place where language professionals look for interesting opportunities.

How does it work?
Your job posting will be listed for 45 days on this website and will also appear in the jobs section of The Language Sector Bulletin. If for any reason you feel more comfortable emailing directly, please do not hesitate to send us your posting in a PDF file.

What does it cost?
For subscribers of The Language Sector: 150 euros for 45 days.
For non-subscribers: 300 euros for 45 days.
If you are interested in other options, please email and ask us about our rates.
The job posting will appear on the website the following working day.


 All fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.

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Nieuwsbrief (gratis)

Wilt u op de hoogte blijven van het nieuws en de ontwikkelingen in de Europese taalsector? Meld u aan voor The Language Sector Bulletin. Deze nieuwsbrief is gratis.

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Hartelijk dank voor het afwerken van de vertaling

Binnen een kwartier staat het afgewerkte artikel online, met vermelding van uw naam en een link naar uw website (indien gewenst).


We krijgen graag uw feedback.


Doe mee!

Welkom op de nieuwswebsite van The Language Sector, een meertalig platform voor de Europese taalsector. Hier vindt u duizenden artikelen in een twintigtal talen. Het is dé verzamelplaats van nieuws voor en door taalprofessionals en van heel wat achtergrondinformatie uit de Europese taalsector in zijn volle breedte.


Doe mee!


1. Voeg uw nieuws toe

  • Verspreid het nieuws uit uw segment van de taalsector.

  • Schrijf in de taal van uw keuze. Uw artikel wordt automatisch vertaald in alle andere beschikbare talen.

  • Stuur uw inhoud voor publicatie naar


2. Voeg uw technologie toe

Deze website biedt u de mogelijkheid om uw (taal)technologie te demonstreren.

  • Produceert uw MT-engine betere vertalingen?

  • Hebt u een waardevolle taal- of vertaaltool voor deze website?

Laten we samen bekijken hoe we uw technologie kunnen integreren en hoe we de waarde ervan optimaal zichtbaar kunnen maken op

Contacteer ons


3. Laat uw vakmanschap zien

  • Claim de artikelen die u relevant en/of interessant vindt.

  • Open ze in de post-editeeromgeving en werk alles af in de kwaliteit die u wenst.

  • Krijg visibiliteit. Voor wat hoort wat: deze website vermeldt onder ieder afgewerkt artikel uw volledige naam en legt automatisch een link naar uw website (indien gewenst).


Samen kunnen we van deze website een echte demonstratie maken. is een samenwerking van De Taalsector (België) en CrossLang (België).
De Taalsector is verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud. CrossLang voorziet de technologie.


Machinevertaling post-editeren

Om verder te gaan moet u inloggen. Hebt u nog geen inloggegevens (gebruikersnaam en paswoord), klik dan hier.

Wie wat waarom

The Language Sector is een platform voor taalprofessionals en taalondernemingen in de Europese taalsector.
Het is ook een forum waar de “community of interest” van taalprofessionals nieuws, informatie, kennis en inzichten deelt en over de muurtjes van de verschillende segmenten van de taalsector kijkt.

Voor wie?
The Language Sector is bestemd voor de taalprofessional die op de hoogte wil blijven van wat er in de brede taalsector gebeurt.
Taalprofessionals zijn bijvoorbeeld vertalers, tolken, taaldocenten, tekstwerkers, taaltechnologen, makers van taal(studie)producten, aanbieders van taalopleidingen en taalstages, en verder iedereen die professioneel met taal bezig is en met taalwerk zijn brood verdient.

The Language Sector wil bijdragen aan een kwaliteitsvolle ontwikkeling van de Europese taalsector. Bij een goed ontwikkelde taalsector met een sterk imago heeft iedereen baat: de taalprofessionals zelf natuurlijk, maar ook de economie en de samenleving. Voor een krachtige economie en een vitale, open en inclusieve samenleving zijn o.m. goede geletterdheid en meertaligheid belangrijke troeven – om niet te zeggen voorwaarden. Het zijn de taalprofessionals die deze troeven waarmaken!

Hebt u belangstelling om mee te werken aan de ontwikkeling van The Language Sector en/of de Europese taalsector? Wij willen graag samenwerken met iedereen die ideeën of concrete actiepunten heeft voor de ontwikkeling van een sterke taalsector en een aantrekkelijke sectorpublicatie. Stuur een mailtje naar of bel ons op +32 9 269 04 66.




Een sector zonder sectorpublicatie of sectorwebsite? Dat is geen sector.
'Als we nu eens een embryonale sectorwebsite maken voor de Europese taalsector en de suggestie wekken dat het een volwaardige sectorwebsite kan worden, als de taalsector dat zelf wil?'

Deze website is niet af. Het is één grote suggestie, één grote uitnodiging: als de Europese taalsector dat wil, dan kan de sector van deze website een echte demonstratie van intellectueel talent en technologische innovatie maken. Want als er ergens één sector is die een volwaardige sectorwebsite in 24 (en meer) talen en 576 talencombinaties kan maken, dan moet het Europa's taalsector zijn.

Voor de pers


Bent u journalist en hebt u een expert uit de Europese taalsector nodig? 
Bent u op zoek naar informatie over een taalproduct of taaldienst? Cijfers, feiten?
Hebt u inzicht in recente ontwikkelingen in de Europese taalsector nodig?

Wij hebben niet alle kennis in huis. Maar we weten wel wie wie is in de taalsector en wat er reilt en zeilt. En we delen onze expertise en ons netwerk graag. Met de samenleving, met de media, met u.

Neem contact met ons op via of bel ons op +32 9 269 04 66.



U wilt adverteren in de Europese taalsector?

U wilt als sponsor bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van de Europese taalsector?

U wilt iets ruilen tegen visibiliteit op deze website?

Klik hier om de pdf met het overzicht van de mogelijkheden te downloaden.





The Language Sector

De Taalsector / The Language Sector
Takkebosstraat 9
B-9000 Gent

Molenaarsstraat 111 - 46
B-9000 Gent

Tel. +32 9 269 04 66



Jobs (en)

  Publish your job opportunity here (en)    
  Current vacancies    
  External Relations Officer with Clarin ERIC    
  Redakteur with Frauscher Sensortechnik (St. Marienkirchen bei Schärding, AT)    
  Past vacancies    
  Text to Speech Engineer with Smartedge Solutions (München, DE)    
  Manager Traduction Anglophone with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Neuilly-sur-Seine, FR)    
  Übersetzer / Lektor / Editor (mit Muttersprache Deutsch, Englisch, Norwegisch, Portugiesisch oder Niederländisch) with Autodoc (Berlin, DE)    
  Rédacteur technique with Dassault Systèmes (Vélizy-Villacoublay, FR)    
  French Localisation Team Leader with Jagex (Cambridge, UK)    
  German Localisation Specialist with Jagex (Cambridge, UK)    
  Lingüista computacional with UST Global (Madrid, ES)    
  English Translator/MT Post Editor with Credit Suisse (Zürich, CH)    
  Senior Manager Localization with Philips (Böblingen, DE)    
  Sous-Titreurs Sourds et Malentendants with Red Bee Media (Ericsson) (Paris, FR)    
  Head of Interpreting Services with the European Patent Office (München, DE)    
  Natural Language Analyst with Unbabel (Lisboa, PT)    
  Language Engineer (German) with Nuance (Aachen, DE)    
  Translator/Reviser (German main language) with the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg, LU)    
  Translator FI > SV & FI > EN (and occasionally EN > SV) with Bank of Finland (Helsinki, FI)    
  Lektor/Korrektor Französisch, Schwerpunkt Finanzen with Diction AG (Buchs, CH)    
  Key Influencer Manager with Babbel (Berlin, DE)    
  Übersetzer mit Muttersprache Deutsch with RWS Group (Berlin, DE)    
  Swedish Translator with Xerox (Madrid, ES)    
  Translator (FR/DE > EN) with European Patent Office (München, DE)    
  French Localisation QA Tester with Sega (London, UK)    
  Translator / Minute-Writer (FR > EN) with CERN (Genève, CH)    
  Word Processing Operator with World Health Organization (Genève, CH)    
  Translation Manager with BMJ Publishing Group (London, UK)    
  Finance Manager with Concorde (Amstelveen, NL)    
  Translation Assistant (Arabic) with International Atomic Energy Agency (Wien, AT)    
  Centermanager with Berlitz (Kiel, DE)    
  Language manager Italian with Supertext (Berlin, DE)    
  Übersetzer/in Deutsch / Englisch (+ Franz.) with Bundesverfassungsgericht (Karlsruhe, DE)    
  Technischer Redakteur with Kessel (Lenting, DE)    
  Finance Manager / Financial Controller with The Reader Organisation (Liverpool, UK)    
  Acheteur en Prestations Linguistiques with Technicis (Boulogne Billancourt, FR)    
  Project Manager with National Literacy Trust (London, UK)
  Translator/Reviser (German main language) with the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg, LU)    
  Digital Designer with EF Education First (London, UK)    
  Conseiller clientèle with CLL Centres de Langues (Louvain-La-Neuve, BE)    
  English to French Translator with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Den Haag, NL)    
  Traductor Financiero with Deloitte (Madrid, ES)    
  Übersetzer oder technischer Redakteur als Documentation Specialist with Roche (Mannheim, DE)    
  Technical Writer with Primavera BSS (Braga, PT)    
  Chargé(e) d'édition with Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris, FR)    
  Social Media RedakteurIn with Caritas Österreich (Wien, AT)    
  Business Development Manager (North America) with Wordbee (Luxembourg)    
  Sales Account Manager with Wordbee (Luxembourg)    
  Développeurs confirmés .Net C# with Wordbee (Luxembourg)    
  English Product Editor with Stylebob (München, DE)    
  Web editor with the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union (Brussels, BE)    
  Translation Technicians with the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (Luxembourg, LU)    
  Translation and Localization Manager with trivago (Düsseldorf)    
  Head of Department with Language Institute Regina Coeli (Vught, NL)    
  Localisation Editors (French, German, Italian and Spanish) with Pokémon (London)    
  JP to EN in-house translator for videogames with Pole To Win (London)    
  Inhouse translator (German > English) with LingServe (Aldershot, UK)    
  Senior Business Intelligence Manager with busuu (London)    
  Responsable Documentation Technique with Parrot (Paris)    
  Project Manager with Agostini & Associati, a Welocalize company (Milan)    
  Fremdsprachenkorrespondent with Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek (Düsseldorf)    
  Polish Language Specialist with BV (Amsterdam)    
  Senior Talent Manager with busuu (London)    
  6 European Language Analysts (Polish, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Italian) with Government Communications Headquarters (Cheltenham)    
  Translators into FI, HU, LV, PO, PT or SK (with EU institutions, Brussels or Luxemburg)    
  Übersetzer / Übersetzerin für Russisch with Bundessprachenamt (Grafschaft)    
  Revisor Spanish with UN Office at Geneva    
  Pedagogical Supervisor with CLL language centres (Louvain-la-Neuve)    
  Project Manager / Proofreader    
  Online Business English Language Trainer    
  Account Manager New Business    
  Juniorprofessur Niederländische Sprachwissenschaft    
  Content specialist    
  Documentation Manager    
  Proofreader / Translator FR/DE/EN -> NL    
  Sales & Marketing Manager    
  Language Instructor French    
  Localisation Project Manager    
  Senior Language Consultant    
  Online Editor    
  Copy Editor Dutch / English / German    
  In-house English Translator    
  Trados Engineer    
  Language Engineer    
  Administrative coordinator    
  Vendor Manager    
  Support Engineer    

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